Affordable Sprinklers Inc.
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  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS has operated since 1996. We are also fully insured.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS has a 4-year parts & labor warranty on the high efficiency systems we install.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS also has a 15-year parts & labor warranty on the LIFETIME systems we install.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS systems are installed with a minimum of lawn damage. We route our pipes to avoid cutting large tree roots.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS is first in customer service. Our full-time office staff and trained service department, complete with 24-hour emergency service, are available to satisfy your  needs. If you want to talk to a person, not an answering machine, call us. The Golden Rule is the way we do business.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS service trucks are GPS located, routed and radio dispatched, fully stocked with parts, wire trackers and the correct tools. We are prepared to service your system quickly and efficiently.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS has low employee turnover.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS offers winterization services, Installs, backflow testing, pump service, system updates, lawn cutting, fertilizing, full landscaping, and yearly maintenance contracts.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS is a Rainbird Select Contractor, a Hunter Preferred Contractor, UgMo certified. Our parts and installation methods will withstand the test of time.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS installs systems that are designed for conserving water with rain sensors, smart controllers, drip irrigation and the of use pressure-regulating heads. AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS systems cost less to own and operate.
  • AFFORDABLESPRINKLERS cuts your lawn with state of the art lawn equipment and routine cleanings of the equipment to minimize any weed tranfers.
  • AFFORDABLE SPRINKLERS uses fertilizers taylored to your lawn needs to achieve great results not like the industry standard 1 product for every lawn.
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